What to wear for your session

The goal of each session is to capture you! We don't want to be distracted by your clothes or shoes, and you need to feel good and be comfortable.

Most importantly

  • Be you! Stick to your own personal style, but make sure everyone in the group is in the same style.
  • Choose colors that will look good on the walls in the rooms you plan to display them.
  • Make sure clothes aren't too small or too big - I know we buy a size up for kids, but now isn't the time for that.
  • Make sure you can move in your clothes and walk in your shoes.
  • You need to feel good and be able to sit on the ground and hold your toddler without having to adjust your top every time.
  • Layers! Great for quick changes, keeping warm or cooling off and covering up any messes.
  • Great time for your favorite accessories - dress it up or just add a little sparkle.
  • Plan a head, don't wait until the day of - it's easier than you think.
FallFamily Sample_1

Colors and Style

- What is the style of your home décor?
- What are the color tones in your home?
- Where do you plan to hang your portrait?
- How do you want to feel about the portrait five to ten years from now?

Coordinating what you wear in your session with where you plan to display your images will seamlessly integrate your portraits into your personal space with a custom art piece for your home. By carefully considering your wardrobe and styling prior to your session you can ensure that the color scheme of your portrait session complements your personal décor and style.

Think about your personal style.

Do you love rustic elegance? Or do you enjoy a clean, modern look?
Does your home have a relaxed, casual and cozy feeling? Or is it sophisticated and elegant?
All of these styles are as unique as our clients and are all things to consider when styling your session. This style guide should give you an overall idea of how you can take the style and colors in your home and combine them with colors in your wardrobe selection to create a look that will seamlessly and artistically create a beautiful and classic work of art for your home that you will enjoy for many years.

Photo linked to video, viewable via live portait

Pulling it all together


Chose items for the entire family as if you were creating one outfit

Remember, when coordinating outfits for your session, there should be some commonality among all the members of the group.

If all of your choices were somehow on one person, would the result be pleasing?

Neutral tones work best because they allow your skin tones and facial expressions to be the focus of the image.

Neutrals are not distracting and are always a timeless, classic choice for portraits.

Most importantly, make sure everyone is in the same style. Someone in a cocktail dress, and another in ripped jeans and flip-flops looks pretty odd.

Start with a favorite outfit, or something for the pickiest person, and go on from there. You will likely have almost everything you need in your closets already.

Do not size up on children's clothing. Us moms always do it, so they can get more wear out of it, but your photo outfits need to fit properly. Too big is a big problem - we lose hands, it bunches in front of the face, and looks sloppy.



Helpful Tips


Chose items for the entire family as if you were creating one outfit

Items need to be ironed and wrinkle free - if the garment wrinkles easily it may not be the best, but you are welcome to change when arriving at the studio, though many of the outdoor locations do not have an option for easy changing.

Low fuss is a must, especially when babies and toddlers are involved. You don't want a blouse that you have to constantly adjust to get just right. You want it to look good even with a toddler on your hip.

You must be able to move! Sitting on the ground is almost certain, so be sure you can squat, bend and sit in your outfit.

NO shoes needed for studio sessions. You are welcome to wear shoes, but I prefer naked baby toes, and love the casual feel of no socks or shoes. Shoes are a must for outdoor sessions as we will be among nature. Don't forget some simple walkers if your little is walking.

Layers are the best! They keep you warm, or cool you off and provide a variety of looks very easily. Scarfs - just make sure they aren't too poofy in front of the face, or mess the hair. Jackets should be fitting and not too big. A simple open sweater creates very slimming lines.

Don't have your "problem areas" exposed. If you don't like your arms, wear sleeves. If you don't like your tattoo cover it up.

Make up should be a bit darker than normal, but still look like you. You don't want your children to be uneasy when looking at you. Hint of rosy cheeks and a soft lip color. Avoid metallic and shimmery makeup as it photographs poorly and looks very strange.


Full sessions have access to the SitHappy Client Wardrobe Closet. You can preview options online here: www.sithappy.com/props
I am always adding to it, so it may not have all available options listed. The best way to select is to schedule your planning meeting at the studio to be able to try on and plan outfits.

The Portrait Process


{ 3 - 4 weeks prior to session }
Determine location, styling, props, and how you want to display your images.
Taking the time to discuss what you want from your images will help us taylor a smooth session and not miss important details.



{ 2 - 3 weeks prior to session }
Be sure to sign contract and pay deposit to hold your session date.
Contracts are important so you know what you are receiving and how. 50% session fee deposit due to hold your date.



{ Ready to smile and shine }
Have fun! We've already discussed what to do to prepare for a smooth session, so now just trust me and enjoy your time.
Bring some fun accessories, snacks and water. Make a day of it since you are looking so fabulous, go out for ice cream to reward the kids or a nice dinner to get the most from your new outfit.


Post Processing

{ 1 - 2 weeks following session }
I take care of this. Picking the best images, removing blinks, duplicates and bad snaps. Perfecting color, contrast and crop to make them really shine.


Reveal & Design

{ 10 - 15 days following session }
A presentation of your beautiful images,  showing you how your images will look in your space. Review our amazing products and determine what is best for your style. I will help you design a collage or determine the best image for over your mantel. This is a lot of fun!


Art for your walls 

{ most products arrive 1 week from ordering for you to enjoy for a lifetime }
Final touch up edits are made on your ordered products, proofs are sent for approval before printing begins. Most products arrive within a week of order, some take a bit longer, (I will let you know estimated dates for your order). Items are wall ready and will be hand delivered to you or available to pick up at the studio. Need help hanging them, no problem, I'm happy to help!

Book Now!

This is us

  • Full Day Session
  • 10"x10" heirloom timeless album
  • Live Portrait, Digital montage, and online gallery
  • All the digital files

Deluxe Session

  • 3 hour session, multiple locations if desired
  • Custom props and personalized design
  • Digital montage and online gallery
  • Approx 150 finished images with digital jpeg files

Classic Session

  • 1 Hour Session
  • 55 - 75 finished images
  • 4"x6" printed proofs of all the finished images
  • Access to Client Wardrobe

Mini Session

  • 20 Minute Session
  • 8 finished images
  • Digital files with rights and online gallery included

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