Spend a little time and preserve what is most important to you

All of our art pieces are created using the finest archival inks and materials. Photographic prints are mounted or matted in conservation archival matting. Canvas is stretched with the option to frame.


Luxury Collection - 11x14" keepsake box featuring 30 matted 7x10 Prints     2590 (value: 5700)

Signature Collection - 11x14" keepsake box featuring 15 matted 7x10 Prints     1290  (value: 2850)

Classic Collection - 11x14" standard box featuring 6 matted 7x10 Prints       690  (value: 1140)

A digital jpeg file is included with each print that you purchase. You may use that file to make reproductions up to 8x10 inches.


Framed Deckled Edge Art

30x40"    4990

20x30"    3290

16x20"    2590

11x14"    1290

Long edge        Canvas        Thinwrap         Print

60"                     2290                   .                       .

40"                     1290               790                   590

30"                     990                 690                   490

24"                     890                 590                   390

20"                     790                 490                   290

14"                     590                 290                   190

10"                     490                 190                     90

      8x10" Print / Duplicate                  90 / 50

7x10" Portrait Matted to 11x14"     190

Heirloom Album

10" Album with 20 images    1590

6" Grandparent Album (Duplicate)    590

Living room with large wall art family portrait
album, folio box, matted prints, box

As a professional photographer, it’s my goal to help each family create art pieces and heirlooms of
significant milestones in their lives. I want you to smile every time you pass that beautiful canvas
featuring your baby's first portraits, with all her newness and tiny features. I want you to sit with
her when she's older, while you flip through her newborn album and tell her, her story. I want for
you to relive the moment you became a mother when you see a photo of yourself holding that tiny
little girl who once fit so perfectly into your arms. I want for this artwork to take you back to the
moments you can't have again. There's nothing quite like having beautiful photos made and being
able to really enjoy them every single day in a meaningful way.

Additional Keepsakes

Wall Art

Display your session in your personal style

Specialty Products

So many options, let's create your dream display.




Complimentary gifts with purchase

Video Montage + Live Portrait with $600 purchase

Full Online Gallery  & Phone App with $800 purchase

Duplicate 4x6 proof box or 5x7" prints of ordered images with $1500 purchase

8x8 Desktop Folio with $2900 purchase

Lifetime Client Status with $3500 purchase from single session
A complimentary session (session fee waived) once per year, for the life of my business (for as long as my business is active), and only for the types of sessions that I offer.

Collection Box Swatches

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