Prepping for a successful kid photo session

Child's Play: kid-friendly photo sessions

They grow up fast - be sure to document these extra special, extra FUN years with a children's photo session! We will take into account your child's playful personality with their distinctive attributes resulting in a memorable series of images that illustrate who your child is inside and out.

Each photo session is designed with your child or children in mind. From picking the perfect spot so they're free to be themselves, to selecting great props they'll love and wardrobes that let their adorable selves shine through. Sessions will be carefully developed to maximize efficiency, deliver stunning final images and ensure the kids and you have fun from start to finish.

Portrait Session Tips

A family portrait session is a great opportunity to capture the pure magic and joy of childhood. Whether you choose to make it family affair with Mom, Dad and a family pet (or two), or just the little ones, your session should be personal, intimate and FUN.

What's the number one rule for a kid's photo session?

Stress less, enjoy more and your children will follow suit.
We'll be there to capture the happiness, excitement and deep connection that defines your family.

Let kids be kids!

Along with the don't stress lines is let your kids be kids! Yelling, threatening or dragging back a young, unwilling subject into place isn't going to yield sugary sweet photos. It might not yield any at all instead, let them run around, jump, twirl, interact and get comfortable. The result will be more natural photos that truly reflect the essence of the child. We will want to get them sitting for the camera but we need to be persuasive and not forceful; that's where the bribes come in.

Tap into what they love

Got an aspiring ballerina? Or maybe you have a future football quarterback? Does your child have a favorite stuffed animal, book, or toy? Have them bring it along, and use it as a prop. It will be a good reminder of what they couldn't live without, and will give them something comforting and fun to play with.
Tickle time can result in some great photos. Tickle, tickle, tickle, and then STOP for us to take a quick shot. You'll get amazing smiles from happy kids. And we won't tell how you got them beaming from ear to ear!

What to Wear

1. Style

Think about the clothing styles you buy for your kids and the stores where you normally shop. Your child will be much more at ease in clothing that they are used to and they'll be able to wear the outfit after the session.
Don't forget about the shoes!! Neon green ninja turtle shoes are distracting. Keep it simple and neutral.

2. Colors

A good rule of thumb is to pick two colors that would go well with the location and look good on the walls of the room you plan to display your images.
Typically pastels (think peach, mint or lavender) go well with natural scenes. Primary colors such as blue, red and yellow match modern locations like cityscape. No need to all be in the same colors, just make sure they look good together.
When in doubt go with a neutral color palette of grey, beige, and creme.

3. Solids & Prints

Our eyes are naturally drawn to the busiest and brightest part of the image. So dressing the kids in prints to help them stand out. Playful prints such as stripes and polka dots look great on kids. Dress adults in solids to balance the look.
Avoid words, images and logos on clothing. Don't pick too many patterns.

4. Layering

Depending on the season, consider layering your outfit with accessories such as bowties, headbands, rain boots, umbrellas, scarves, sweaters, jackets, and hats. Accessories add variety to your shots and poses and as an added bonus they can double as fun props.

DO NOT size up on clothes as we tend to do. Make sure clothing properly fits and you can move in it.

Top location ideas

1. At your home

Think a day in the life session. Children can be more comfortable and we can easily implement your personal style. - Some kids are better behaved away from home, you know your child the best.
You'd be surprised how wonderful your front or backyard can work for portraits.

2. Park / Field

Tall grassy fields with butterfly nets, flying a kite, taking a stroll with the family.

3. Lake / Creek

Feeding the ducks, fishing or even splish splashing in the water.

4. Candy Store / Ice Cream Parlor

Everyone enjoys a tasty treat, which is fun. There are a lot of really cute locations that you can style your wardrobe to coordinate with.

5. Flower Garden

A classy way to add some color to the setting.

My favorite locations

Gamble Flower Garden

A beautiful property with lots of pops of color.

Communication Hill

An urban location with greenery and stone settings.

Vasona Park 

Such a large park there are many different locations to meet your style and seasonal changes.

Gamble Gardens Flowers Location
Communication Hill San Jose
Vasona County Park location
Vasona Damn at sunset

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