Planning Your Wall Art

Choosing wall art for your home can seem like an overwhelming task - but it doesn’t have to be!  Save yourself a lot of stress with these helpful wall art planning tips to get the ball rolling before you even have your photo session.

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Choosing where to you'd like to hang your images - Begin with the end in mind. Before your photo session, start taking a look around your home to see where you’d like to hang your photos. What is the style of the room? What is the color scheme? These can help inform you on the style and color palette of the clothing, what type of products will work best in the space, even where you have your session. Your professional photographer can make recommendations based on your preferences, so make sure to let them know your thoughts as you’re planning your session. 


Choosing your favorite images -  you will likely have some favorite images that will immediately jump out to you when you review your photos with your photograph. Some things to keep in mind as you’re narrowing down your image selections -- which images are going to look best as a collection in the space? 


Choosing your products - As I mentioned above, the style of the space should inform the types of images you choose. If your home is a sleek, modern style, you may love metal prints! If your style is more traditional, the classic elegance of a gallery wrapped canvas or framed print collage may suit you. If you love all things natural and organic, you may choose to have a thin wrap or wood print. With a full suite of ultra-premium professional products available to me as a professional, I can help you pick out the perfect wall art products to go with any vision you may have for your home.
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Envisioning your design - I am proud to offer my clients custom design services that can help them envision how the photos look together in the space. I can help you plan without worry that your investment won’t be printed properly or won’t look right in the space you’ve chosen. We’ll create a digital mock up with a photo of your room and properly-sized digital images to ensure that the images and products that you’ve chosen work perfectly well in your space. 

The Final Product - It’s a pleasure to offer custom wall art design services to my clients! We work together to translate digital designs into real life wall art products so that you can enjoy beautiful, timeless wall art of your loved ones for years to come with as little stress as possible. 


If you’re interested in this type of service, please connect with me at to book your portrait session with me!
We’ll plan your session from start to finish so that you get exactly the type of images you envision for your home.


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