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Rain doesn't stop love

I'd love to...

A photographer friend was doing a model call for mommy and me images. I excitedly offered Blake and I, as I hadn't hired a photographer for a family session of us since his newborn session, which I am so thankful I did, and I wanted to see my friend in action behind the lens. I love her images and have watched her really grow as a photographer that last 5 years.
We set the date for Sunday at 5:00pm at a beautiful nature preserve out near the photographer, which is an hour and a half away from us.

A lot of people find it odd that a photographer would hire another photographer, but really why wouldn't we? I LOVE photos - they are my life! I NEED to be in images that are more than selfies with my son. And I understand that a photographer does so much MORE than simply click the shutter. Plus it's great practical experience to know what it's like for my clients to try to pose with kids and how awkward it can feel in front of the camera.
I definitely prefer to be behind the lens instead of infront of it, but I also know Blake will value having these images, possibly more than me, for years to come. 

There is NO way a tripod and remote trigger could have captured what I have been GIFTED with these images. 


Morning of -

I was a little groggy from staying up past 1 am picking out possible outfits and packing all the needed accessories and shoes for our photo session. And then at 10am I get a heartfelt message from our photographer, and good friend, that she is very sick and won't be able to do our session today!
I was so sad. I had the entire day planned. I HATE when plans change last minute, I was very looking forward to this for so many reasons.
I took a breath and messaged Meghan, a photographer I had just met the DAY before, who lived in the same town that we had planned the session for. I gave her the scoop and she said YES!!!

We kept all the details the same and I loaded up my suburban with a closet full of outfit choices and my grandmother's chair. This chair means a lot to me, and is so me with the subtle orange 70s flowers, it was a must, and so I was very happy when Meghan agreed I should bring it. 

Out for an adventure -

Blake and I drove half the distance and stopped at one of my lifelong friend's house for a play date. We had some lunch and walked over to a park to let the kids run free. Surprisingly it was so WINDY, and the wind kept getting stronger. It got cold. I looked at Amy and said, "I hope it's not this windy at our photo location." 

Friend play date


Blake and I said our goodbyes and continued on our way up the road. And the wind didn't stop. My truck was blowing in the wind. The trees were flailing around.
But it was mid April and the weather had been so NICE!!

This can't be happening today!!

How did I not check the weather forecast? - oh yeah another photographer scheduled this, of course she had checked... Nope, no one checked, but it didn't matter, we were going to do this!

We arrive a little early, so we can get dressed and I can freshen up my hair and makeup. I plan to get some casual jean shots and then put on one of my photography gowns and put Blake in his adorable hat for the second set of images. We head out to look around, as we've never been here before and it's beautiful!
It's not as windy at this spot because of the mountains and terrain. But I look up and see a very dark, thick cloud blowing right towards us.  

Picture time - 

Meghan arrives and agrees that we need to get going quickly as the weather is worsening. We head towards the creek to get some interesting terrain, but only walk about 10 feet in that direction when the sun disappears behind the darkest cloud ever.

Well there goes our light.

She recommends getting the chair out of my truck and putting it in the field right there, I agree even though I wanted the chair for when I had the blue dress on, but there was no time to waste!

Of course Blake hasn't napped, and he doesn't want to sit still. He is having fun running towards Meghan and tickling her, but I want his picture taken with ME.
I'm doing my best to not direct, but to pose with all my posing tips I have in my head. Meghan is doing great with Blake and we keep our giggles and smiles and we feel like we have a decent set. Then we feel the sprinkles coming down, so I head to the truck for a quick parking lot outfit change.


Son and mom

By the time I get my dress on it is RAINING! Not just sprinkles anymore but full on rain. No need to fluff my hair now, it's just going to matte and be crazy in the wind - hair clip it is.

I'm not the kind to cry over bad weather, in fact I'm thinking that the clouds are making gorgeous, soft light for us and maybe we'll get a rainbow in the background!
My kid isn't afraid of water and thankfully Meghan was game to keep snapping pictures. So we pose me facing into the wind as much as possible to keep my hair out of my face, and keep with the fun and smiles.

Meghan had some fun poses I hadn't done with mom and child before. In fact I'm going to print that one for the wall for sure so it sticks in my head and I remember to have my clients do it! 

Dressed to impress

What I got - 

Go figure the time I try to get my photo taken the photographer is sick and cancels, my son won't nap, and the weather is crap. But we didn't let it stop us. In fact, it's a funny story now.
It's cool that we can see the rain drops in these images, because that day will never happen again. I mean hopefully the next session isn't so cold and wet, but things never go perfectly, and the images Meghan delivered to me are a treasure. I'm a bit misty eyed looking at them honestly. These truly mean a lot to me on so many levels. 

My heart is warmed that no matter the hurdles we had along the way, I still got these amazing images to remember the relationship I have with my son right now! Heck, he's already changed since the session; he's standing taller, he's listening better, and he's more understanding of the outcome of his actions.

Hmmm, sounds like I need to book another session, and check the forecast this time.

attitude is everything

A HUGE thank you to Meghan Paris of Meghan Paris Photography for being willing to take on this session last minute, stay in the rain and deliver me such gorgeous keepsakes.


And of course Blake napped in the car after the session, and woke up for his favorite, sushi. Making a fun day out of photo session days is a MUST!


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