Milestone Session Planning

What is a
Milestone Session?

Portrait sessions in baby's first year are often called milestone sessions because they are better planned for when they gain a new skill rather than turn a specific age.
For example the six month session is the sitter session. It is often better to plan your session based on these milestones rather than age, so we can get great images showcasing their new talent.
Of course every baby grows and develops at their own pace, so it is good to schedule your sessions based on their specific growth. We are happy to do sessions at any time, just be sure to communicate where your baby's strength is at this time.

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What to Wear

For every photo session:
Think about where you plan to display your images, you want the colors to look nicely in that space.

  • Make sure clothing fits well.
    Don't buy a size up for kids, as we typically do. Big clothing will hide the kids and be distracting for them.If you don't like your arms wear sleeves. If your top is too big and flowy it will make you look bigger.
  • Avoid pictures, words, logos and really small patterns.
  • Parents in solids, kids in prints. Our eye is drawn to the brightest and busiest part of an image.
  • Coordinate outfits, rather than match exactly.
    Pick colors and tones that look good together, and are the similar style.

Tummy time - 3 Months

Best planned for when baby has good head control and can look around when doing tummy time.

Plain and simple in our studio or in your home. Typically on floor with plain wall. Backdrop and set per request.

Laying on tummy and back. Sitting propped up in buckets and baskets.

Baby outfits: diaper cover only, simple plain onesies, tutu for girls, pants for boys. We have a variety of small outfits and love to use our newborn wraps for these sessions as well.


Sitter Session - 6 Months

When baby has decent balance sitting - it doesn't need to be for long periods of time.

Plain and simple in our studio or in your home. Typically on floor with plain wall. Backdrop and set per request.

Simply sitting up, laying on back getting those toes.

Baby outfits: diaper cover only, dresses for girls, pants and bow ties for boys. We have a variety of outfits and love to help you by styling your session.

Six month SitHappy studio session on white fur

Crawling - 9 Months

Typically around this time baby is crawling and standing holding onto things and we're able to get some big smiles.

Depending on the weather this is a great time to do an outdoor session on the grass.

Buckets and crates to help with standing and to sit on will be used.

Baby outfits: Dresses for girls, shorts and hats for boys. We have a variety of outfits and love to help you by styling your session.

All smiles

Cake Smash - 12 Months

These sessions are easier if baby hasn't started walking yet, but of course we love seeing their eyes light up when they head out on an adventure.

Adding a little extra fun to celebrate baby's 1st birthday, where it's a traditional cake, or their favorite food like spaghetti, there's no holding back on the cuteness for these sessions.

Traditional family session with added balloons and 1 props. Cake or food smash at the end of the session can be followed up with a bubble bath for extra cuteness.

More info on 12 month sessions here

Studio 1 year cake smash photo session
Studio bubble bath one year mermaid session
117SitHappy-IMG_1358 sm sq (Custom)
outdoor 1 year bubble bath in the park with rubber duckies

Special $250 Milestone Session for newborn clients

If you had your newborn session with SitHappy Productions this special is for you!
Get a 30 minute milestone session of baby, 30 processed images in an online gallery, and customized in-person ordering session.
These sessions are designed for baby only. Please let me know if you'd like sibling poses and we can discuss what is best for you.
These sessions are best in the studio, but I am happy to do them outdoors when the weather is nice.

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