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Send your love to Maui

$90 Per Set Includes:

5 -10 minutes per set

3 edited images of your choice per set

Online gallery of finished images to share, save, and order from

$45 per additional edited image of your choice

Unwatermarked digital files with print release


All Profit will be sent to those in need in Maui via the vetted organizations
- Hawaii Community Foundation: https://www.hawaiicommunityfoundation.org/maui-strong
- Maui United Way: https://mauiunitedway.org/
As well as directly to a SitHappy client and friend, Jessika Haisley who lost her home and belongings and had to escape through the flames to save her and her son's life: https://gofund.me/3c1386ab

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Your proofs will be available online to select your images within 48 hours from your session.
It's only a $45 donation per additional edited image if you'd like to send more support to Maui and have more cuteness to treasure forever.
Images will be edited to make them pop and look their best and delivered via an online gallery.
Digital files sent via download link with print release.
The best looking prints and products can always be purchased right from the online gallery, and I'm always happy to meet with you to create a gorgeous display.

pampas on cream
pampas on cream
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Layered Colors

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These sessions will be in the San Jose, California Studio with multiple set options

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Jessika Haisley

August 9, 2023

You always hear about people whose houses burn down… you never think it will happen to you. We had only moments to gather a few things. We left as quickly as we could…
And then our car was surrounded, engulfed in flames. It was terrifying. Before evacuating (without warning) We had looked around us, from the 4th floor… we knew everything in all directions was on fire. There was only one way out. The way out was between Maui Mikes & Taco Bell… both were on fire - flames so high, so strong & so hot… black smoke so thick that we couldn’t even see in front of us. Lahaina town was on fire & we were in it.
The air was so thick, so dark & so heavy with smoke, that even one foot in front of the car was not visible. Chunks of flaming materials hurled at our car… I hoped with each hit, that nothing on my car would catch fire!
The power lines were down & they were in flames. The only way out was straight thru the flames, over/between the burning power lines… I was terrified. Petrified. I froze. I panicked. I started hyperventilating. I tried backing up. I tried to make a u-turn… behind me was also on fire. Then Aiden said, “Mom, take a deep breath. We have to go thru it, or we’ll die in the flames. We have rubber tires; it’s ok. Go over the power cords. Turn your fog lights on, honk your horn over & over & drive slowly… we HAVE TO get thru this… there is no other way out.”
Our home was on fire behind us. We hope something survived. But things are things. We made it thru the flames. We’re alive. That is what matters.


Jessika Haisley

August 11, 2023

Update to those asking: We are traumatized, devastated & worried about the hundreds of our neighbors, coworkers, friends & classmates who are still missing, but we are safe!
My amazing friends, Craig & Elena, have AirBNB’s on the north shore & they invited us to stay in one of them for 2 weeks, while we regroup, pick up the pieces, find trauma therapists & figure out what we do/where we go from here! Can’t even express our gratitude… we are beyond thankful that we have a place to lay our heads & that we don’t have to find space in a shelter, like so many others are forced to do right now. 🙏🏼
We will keep everyone posted, but we are so appreciative for all the love & support & for those donating to our GoFundMe page! We feel super fortunate for what we do still have & for all of you who are helping us thru this tragic experience! ❤️
(We finally have running water, power & Wi-Fi, so I am slowly getting thru all of your amazing messages… sorry for the delay if I haven’t gotten to you yet, but THANK YOU!! I am SO grateful & will get to everyone eventually! 🤍)