Full Newborn VS Lifestyle Newborn

The biggest difference between the lifestyle and full newborn session is the infinity blanket collection of poses that are done in the full session. These poses are done on a large beanbag with posers and lots of little helpful tools. They are simple and naturally beautiful. If these are the type of images you envision for your newborn images the full newborn session is what you want.

newborn infinity blanket naked poses

Most sessions allow us to use a variety of props and clothing options. Due to newborn's desires to be snuggled and swaddled most the session will be done with baby wrapped. I have a large selection of wraps - all available in the studio, and a good variety based on your desired color pallet as discussed at your planning meeting.
Outfits are ideal for some prop poses and occasionally for family poses depending on baby's mood.
Naked baby poses are simple and precious, but not a must! Please let me know if you'd prefer to not have naked poses, captured, or if this is a priority.
Infinity blanket poses can be done in outfits and wraps that only cover a little bit of baby in the important places.




baby girl dressed in yellow vintage newborn outfit


naked newborn baby girl on pink

Theme Sets

Hot Air balloon newborn set


0056_SitHappy-_MG_2513 SM

In studio sessions can take advantage of my large space where I can predesign sets for a speedier session. All of my props and accessories will be available in the studio, and only the props I can cram into my SUV will be able to come for your in home session, that's still A LOT 😉

Sample Full Studio Session

Sample Lifestyle at Home Session

Clothed boy on infinity blanket

Infinity blanket can also be wrapped or in outfits. This little guy did not like to be naked at all, so we got the poses with outfits and wraps.

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