Digital Files – Do you need them?



 Ordering - anytime, anywhere

Ordering high quality prints and products is simple from the online gallery. If you plan to order a canvas or print 14x14 or larger I will do free touchups / editing to assure the image is at it's full potential when ordered directly through me.  I can't guarantee that the prints will actually look as they are meant to if you order prints through another lab- Walgreens, Costco, etc.  I've seen my work printed by Costco and I cringed at the horrible misaligned altered colors.


Satisfaction Guarantee

The state of the art professional lab that I use has a satisfaction guarantee. If the images don't look right, or something is just a tad off, we will reprint it to get you the absolute best product.

Hopefully, you like what I do, and in order to get what I do, you have to let me do it.

But what about the digital files?

I do sell the digital files for my sessions if you are still inclined, you can purchase them per image or the entire gallery right from the online gallery. You get a personal print release and can do as you see fit with your images, the exception is you may not enter them into any photo contest or sell them. The total of any in person order made with me is subtracted from the price of the digital files if you'd like a copy of the digital files. Order $800 in prints, get the 4MP digital files for FREE, or the High Resolution files for $50.

Did I mention the mobile APP?

Yes, I offer a mobile app of your photos, included in many packages. This gives you your images on your phone to share, and show off with just a tap on your home screen.

I know you don't know much about all this, that's why I've spent countless hours, researching, learning, comparing and creating. This is my job and expertise, trust me.

How many photos do you print that you take from your cell phone? When was the last time you hung a portrait on the wall or created wall art from your images? I want to make sure your portraits meet their potential and end up printed for you to enjoy for a lifetime. My services start at creating your session, and don't end until we get your images printed and hung on the wall.

If you do multiple sessions with me, I will create a custom webpage for you to be able to view all your sessions with a simple click of the button.

This reminded me of a blog post I read by a photographer who pointed out she knew what her parents wedding photos looked like, all 12, because they hung in the hallway of the home she grew up in. But she couldn't describe her wedding photos to you because they sat on her hard drive, unviewed, and absent from her eyes.

You take the time, put in the effort, pay for the images to be captured, make sure to enjoy them! I promise, they look even better on the wall than on your screen.

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