What to bring to your beauty session

This is going to be

Think about YOUR STYLE.

What do you want to represent in these images?

  • Sexy and sultry,
  • fun and flirty,
  • beautiful and elegant,
  • powerful and strong.

We can get a variety of these styles based on lighting, facial expression, poses and your choice of attire.
Don’t worry, I have a variety of poses in my repertoire ready to make you look amazing! We'll coach you through all of that. 


Hair and Makeup

If you are getting your hair and makeup done by our artist please arrive with dry hair and a clean face 90 minutes before photo time

Having your powder and favorite lipstick is always good to have on hand even if having our hair and makeup artist do their work. 

If you are doing your own hair and makeup we recommend hair down, straight or curly - your style choice, but we love big hair! Makeup should be a bit more than a normal day, but doesn't need to alter your normal look / style. Avoid glittery or high shimmer makeup. Fake lashes are fabulous, but if your eyes don't like them then leave them off. Lipstick is a must - don't forget to bring it with you.

Bring with you:

Robe or big button up sweater to wear between sets / to and from dressing room

Strapless nude bra, nude seamless undies. If you don’t have nude then any color strapless bra.

• White bra, white undies and or Black bra, black undies.

• Cute bra / undies, lingerie, sexy robes. Boy shorts, booty shorts, coreset top.
Feel free to bring all of your favorites. Not a must! Pick the colors you love
(red, white, black, teal, blue, purple, gold will match the sets great).
If you don't love your tummy then please find a tight top and or high wasted undies that covers the belly. Sexy doesn't mean skimpy. Tight is much more slimming than flowy for these images.

Bathing suits work great too!

Large button up shirt, cardigan sweater, or robe

• Your partner's jersey, uniform or sports shirt.

• Your favorite cute outfit - what do you feel so cute in?
Feel free to bring a variety of your favorite cute, beautiful, sexy outfits. 

You have access to our client wardrobe closet.

You can preview my women’s collection here: 


High heels. Having some nude, black, or fun color hot heels makes all of it sexier. You don't need shoes for each outfit, we will do some sets barefoot, but a pair of your highest heels make your booty look great. 

Tall boots.

Knee high socks are adorable, especially if going with a fun and flirty look. 

Bare feet are always okay...

Which brings us to nail color. Your hands are a big part of this, so having clean nails is important. If you are going to have them colored I recommend sticking with a soft color (pale pink) or French manicure. If you normally wear color on your nails go with something that matches one of your favorite wardrobe pieces or a sexy deep red. 


This is a great time for accessories. Earrings! Necklaces! Bracelets!

Keeping it simple and bare is good too, but this is a great opportunity to wear your jewels and show off some sparkle.  

And then the most important thing to bring is THE RIGHT ATTITUDE.

This will be fun. It will be a bit of a workout. You’ll be liberated and energized. You may be pushed a bit out of your comfort zone, but in good ways.
Bring some sass and spice and trust in me because I’ve got you and we will have fun and create gorgeous images.

Women's Wardrobe

Take a look at the items we will have on hand for your session, from dresses, tops, flowey fabric and stunning gowns

Exercise Moves

These moves will help your body be ready to groove during your session. Our poses will show off your S-curve and highlight your muscles, so be ready to show them. This isn't hard, but it will be different movements than you're used to, which is why getting used to these movements will be helpful.

Stretches before your session

Do these stretches before heading to the studio so your body is ready and feeling good.

Ready for a new

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