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October - 14th & 15th

Outdoors at Almaden Parents' Pre-School

Hello! I'm Jennifer and I'm a family and children portrait photographer.
I'm happy to offer quality, personable portraits of your child this school year - because we all know they changed so much so quickly.

Here you'll find some helpful tips for getting the most out of your images, pricing and instructions for ordering prints and products as well as links to your images.
Galleries will be password protected, which you will receive directly from the school.

All photo orders will be made ONLINE AFTER the photos have been taken.
Photos will be made available online 2 weeks following photo day.


Monday 10/14:

9am - 11:30am Mon, Wed & Fri Class (3 days)

12:30pm - 2:30pm Mondays Class (1 day)


Tuesday 10/15:

9am - 11:30am Tues & Thur Class (2 days)

12:30pm - 3pm Tues - Friday Class (4 days)


Monday 10/28:

Mon, Wed & Fri Class (3 days)

Mondays Class (1 day)


Tuesday 10/29:

Tues & Thur Class (2 days)

Tues - Friday Class (4 days)


I donated my time to capture these images for you to cherish and enjoy. As we know, they grow and change so quickly.
Please get some prints so your child can see how special they are to you - on display in the house, in Grandma's house, on your desk at work. There are a bunch of studies showing it helps self esteem to see photos of you displayed by those you love. And they will be wonderful to look back on in the years ahead.
Let me know if you have any questions.    - Jennifer

Print Packages

Package A

$ 75 Share with the family
  • 2- 4x6 Prints (2 different poses)
  • 2- 5x7 Prints (2 different poses)
  • 2- 8x10 Prints (2 different poses)
  • 16- Wallet Sized Prints (2 different poses)

Package B

$50 Great for wall displays
  • 2- 5x7 Print
  • 2- 8x10 Print
  • 1- 11x14 Print

Package C

$ 35 The basics
  • 1- 5x7 print
  • 1- 8x10 print
  • 8 - Wallets

All images available in a variety of high quality al la carte prints and products

$25 per image • High Resolution Digital Image File, sent via download link

$12.99 • 8 x 10"  Print
$24.99 • 11 x 14" Print

$19.99 • Refrigerator Magnet
$29.99 • Mouse Pad
$34.00 • Coffee Mug

Complete price list here 

Interested in unique, high quality products? I'd be happy to create a custom order for you!
My full list of current products is available at

personal branding headshot photo

About the photographer - Jennifer Sitter

Hello! I've been photographing families and children for over 10 years and I absolutely love my job.
One of the only other things I love more than photography is my son Blake. I was blessed with a redheaded, blue eyed boy 5.5 years ago and he keeps me on my toes!
Photography is not only my passion, but my livelihood. I have donated my time and energy to capture these important images for Almaden Parents' Preschool and your support of my work is greatly appreciated.

My goal is for you to get high quality images to enjoy for many years to come. School photos are a keepsake that should be treasured and looked back on over the years, providing memories and laughs.

It's my strong belief that images should be printed so they can be enjoyed daily.
The smile you get from a quick glimpse of the 2nd grade toothless grin from your daughter's school picture from two years ago is pretty priceless.  That scrunchy face smile might annoy you now, but next year you'll look at the photo and wonder when he stopped making that smile and love the photo so much more.

Did you know children's self esteem is greatly improved from just seeing their picture on the wall in their home? Yup, a simple thing of showing them that they belong and are "wall worthy" will be a positive impact for years to come. More about this here

When was the last time you updated your family portrait? If it was more than 15 months ago, it's time to do it again!
These kiddos change so quickly, and my sessions are FUN and MEMORABLE.

All the info at www.sithappy.com/portraits

Rain doesn't stop love
Son and mom

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